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November 11 2017

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November 10 2017

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The fact that word and whirred are pronounced exactly the same while lead and lead sound different depending on what you mean (unless the former is in the past tense in which case it's spelled differently and pronounced like the latter) should tell us English is not so much a black tie affair as it is a soccer riot with a body count.
Nobody. Understands. Punctuation.
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After the decline of Ancient Egypt, Anubis finds himself having to assimilate into modern human society.
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November 09 2017

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November 08 2017

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November 07 2017

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I had no one to help me, but the T. S. Eliot helped me.

So when people say that poetry is a luxury, or an option, or for the educated middle classes, or that it shouldn’t be read at school because it is irrelevant, or any of the strange stupid things that are said about poetry and its place in our lives, I suspect that the people doing the saying have had things pretty easy. A tough life needs a tough language – and that is what poetry is. That is what literature offers – a language powerful enough to say how it is.

It isn’t a hiding place. It is a finding place.

Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
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Vincent Van Gogh - Champ de blé avec cyprès
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